Devonshire Fudge

Alas!  It’s been at least a month since I promised to post this addicting recipe online. In the countdown to Christmas there wasn’t time for baking and blogging!   My lovely friend Karen is to blame for my addiction–she called it Russian Fudge.  But it reminded my family of a fudge we’d grown up with in England–a special treat for a not-so-sunny beach holiday in Devon.

I make this fudge just once a year so I can stuff the stockings of those who treasure its memory from England.  Its decadent beyond words, but worth the year-long wait!

IMG_3249The  recipe calls for Golden Syrup–a mainstay in British cooking.


The best way I know how to describe Golden Syrup to my American friends is this:  the consistency of Karo Syrup but with a honey-ish flavor and without the hardening factor when baked.  I beg family and friends to stuff their suitcases full of it for me whenever they visit the UK, but it’s also available in some grocery stores and at Indian and British import stores.  And if all else fails, stocks it (at a price that makes me wince)

So here’s the recipe:

Boil together:

1 cup of milk

3 pounds of sugar (don’t gasp, that’s not a typo!  We’re talking 6 cups of the good stuff)

Then add:

1 can of sweetened condensed milk

8 oz butter

a pinch of salt

This heavenly concoction now needs to boil for 30 minutes and must be stirred the entire time. ( I bribe and cajole my teenagers into helping and we play tag-team stirring until the timer goes off)

The recipe then calls for the mixture to be beaten until thick.  But by this time, we’re all pretty exhausted, and the mixture is plenty thick. So I just pour it into a parchment-lined pan and score the top as soon as I can, otherwise it’s very hard to cut into pretty bite-sized cubes.  And believe me, with that much sugar in it, you don’t need more than a bite at a time!

So there you have it.  Those of you who enjoyed it in our home or on a treat plate know it’s worth all the calories and the effort.  But only once a year!