Ice Storm Beauty

chalk hill house fall leaves in ice storm cobalt blue shuttersWe’re officially snowbound.  Or perhaps icebound would be a better description!  The roads, buildings and trees are covered with a thick, hard encasement of glistening ice.

chalk hill house snow and yellow and red fall leaves in iceWith euphoria, our teens sprang from their beds this morning (how often does that happen?) scoured the house for mittens, boots, hats and coats, and dashed outdoors to play in the winter wonderland.  Texans have to enjoy every opportunity for winter sports!chalk hill house winter ice storm patio table covered with snowCheers of “the weatherman got it wrong!” carried down the hill as they dashed through the pristine snow.  chalkhillhouse winter ice stomr ice covered branchesBad weather has been predicted for days–dubbed Icemageddon by the cynical–but no snow was in the forecast, just ice.  Lots and lots of ice.chalk hll house winter ice storm temperature guageAs the temperatures plunged, the rain began.  Torrents gushed beside our house in the darkness, sweeping away brightly colored leaves and clogging ditches.  And ice began to form, despite the deluge.chalk hill house icicles on roof ice stormBut during the night, the rain finally ceased, and a gentle snow began to fall.chalkhillhouse winter ice storm flame red leavesIt’s nothing by northern standards.  But to the sunwashed lands, a full covering of snow is a gem of winter delight.chalkhillhouse winter ice storm ice covered berriesSo the teens entertained themselves for several hours, and one of them snatched my camera to capture the beauty of the day.chalk hill house winter ice storm chalk hill house winter ice storm nandina red berries in snow chalk hill house winter ice storm fall leaves with ice chalk hill house winter ice storm fall leaves in ice chalk hill house fall leaves in ice stormHe scrawled his name across the ice and snow and finally dashed inside to revive his freezing fingers and toes.chalk hill house ice storm writing in snow