Mistletoe Marketing: Teenage Boys and their Summertime Dreams

Now the weather has changed and the leaves have begun to fall in earnest, our boys have begun to dream of summer.  I think that’s pretty natural when surrounded by stacks of text books, assignment deadlines, and test dates.  The size of the dream is perhaps a measure of their workload, because these boys are dreamin’ big!  There’s a church summer camp, a week-long Boy Scout trip to the mountains, and a mission trip on their wish lists.  Together, they need to raise over $4,000.IMG_2754That’s an awful lot of leaves to rake or Christmas lights to hang at $6 an hour!  So they’ve decided to branch out–diversify their portfolio.  They’re marketing mistletoe!

IMG_2783We certainly have plenty, and our neighbors are only too glad to have theirs removed too.  IMG_2785And who wants to use a ladder when there’s a perfectly good tree to climb..

IMG_2786Or manly tools at hand?

Together, we devised an attractive arrangement idea:

chalkhillhouse mistletoe hemp-wrapped christmas decorThe mistletoe fits snugly into a small reservoir of moisture–known as a “water pic” in the floral industry.  And we added some hemp twine and ribbon to make it more festive. It even comes with a thin loop of twine for hanging.chalk hill house mistletoe christmas decoration

Mistletoe clusters are available for sale through my Etsy shop, or you can order than locally through my Facebook page.


Something tells me that my guys will not be anxious to be caught beneath the mistletoe this year, at least not by adoring aunts, grandmothers, and especially their mother!