Keeping the Cats Out of the Window Box

If you ever come out to Chalk Hill House, it won’t be long before you feel the nudge of a ginger cat against your legs.  Our barn cats work for their living, keeping rodents, snakes, and birds far away.  They have the run of our acreage, and make daily rounds to the neighbors’ outbuildings as well.  But they also manage to add “Welcome Committee” to their job descriptions.  And I suspect they are campaigning to change their titles completely to Pampered and Petted Indoor Felines.  They take every opportunity to sneak into the house (a cat-free zone thanks to some allergy sufferers), and have recently decided to claim my window boxes as their favorite sunning lounge.

IMG_2164And as I am attempting to nurture pansies there, this presents a problem.  Either the Pansies or the cats have to go, and I know which one I’m vying for.

chalk hill house purple violet pansies cat problemBecause THIS is what happens when felines and flowers share the same bed:  squashed pansies.chalkhillhouse sleeping ginger catHere’s our tom cat.  He isn’t exactly a petite and delicate fellow…

We’ve tried sprays and powders to deter them, loud noises, insults, and even aptly aimed jets of water.  But the cats persist, and the pansies suffer.

Until today!

chalk hill house winter pansies window box

chalk hill house window box glass bottle gardenI’m making life uncomfortable for them by adding a few treasures.  These glass balls were a gift from my Mother-in-Law.  Advertised to water plants automatically, they are hopelessly inept in our blistering summers.  But they are pretty, and better yet, uncomfortable as a lounger.I have quite a collection of these mostly blue and white baubles, and I’ve supplemented them with some upended bottles and vases in different shapes and colors.

chalk hill house window box decor glass ballsIn a stroke of genius, I added some wrought iron finials to – uh – get my point across to the cats.

It’s been 5 days since I “planted” my extras in the window boxes.  And I’m happy to report that the cats, while still lounging on the windowsill, no longer crush the flowers.  And they are still happy to lovingly rub up against my leg, despite my attempts at eviction.

So what about you…do you have any remedies for fat feline flower flatteners?