Christmas on Chalk Hill House

Perhaps it’s a little early to start actually hauling out the Christmas decorations.  But it’s certainly not too early to start crafting a few.  Here’s a little of what I’ve been up to in the past few weeks in preparation for Christmas Craft Fair season:

chalkhillhouse burlap christmas garland winter fireplace mantle

We’re expecting our first cold snap this week, so I’ve lit my fireplace candles one last time before the Love of my Life evicts them for the winter months.  I am rather pleased with the burlap garland I designed, so I’m busy snapping pictures of it all over the house.  I think it looks best curled around ornaments on my mantle, but it also looks quite at home in the branches of a tree.  (I tried it out on the evergreens outside)

chalkhillhouse comfort and joy christmas burlap bunting pennant banner mini

I’m also delighted with some of the burlap bunting banners I’ve created.  I don’t want my home to look like a cookie cutter image from the local big-box stores, so I wracked my brain for something unique but meaningful to immortalize in ink and burlap.  It’s from the refrain of a good British Christmas carol:  God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen.  I rather like the double meaning of it hanging in my home: the comfort and joy of family, friends, warmth and abundance in our home.  But I also am deeply moved by the thoughts conveyed in that old Christmas carol.

chalkhillhouse burlap merry christmas pennant triangle bunting banner red snowflake green velvetI had some fun re-purposing some fabric left over from the big wedding this summer into this bunting banner.

chalk hill house christmas red lantern candle tree decoration ornament rustic distressedAnd these lanterns are re-purposed from the wedding too.  I slapped some paint on them and then attacked them with sandpaper to give them a rustic, aged look.   I replaced the votive candles with battery operated ones just to be on the safe side.  I really don’t want to ignite my home with anything more than love!

chalkhillhouse burlap rustic rose christmas tree ornament decorationThese burlap roses found their way into my Christmas decorations hall of fame.  You can read all about how I learned to make them this summer in this post.  I’m busy churning out a pile of them for some Christmas wreath orders I need to fill.

chalk hill house tiffany blue snowflake turquoise christmas ornament decorationMy family would think I had been replaced by aliens if I didn’t slap some blue paint on something.  So I’ve up-scaled some rather over-exuberant glittery snowflakes with my favorite hue and some delicate diamond-cut glass beads.  Who says Tiffany Blue doesn’t belong on a Christmas Tree?


As it’s early November yet, there’s still plenty of crafting days left for me to dream up new and crazy creative ways to upscale and re-purpose anything I find.  All of these are for sale in my craft shows and online on Etsy.

What are you crafting this year?  Post a link in the comments section because I’d love some new ideas.