Chalkboard Art

I love the retro look of a chalkboard.  If I admit my real age, you’ll know I grew up in a time and place where they were called blackboards.  And there was plenty of dust.  And plenty of children ‘writing lines’ as punishment on those very boards.

My boys even think dry erase boards are old school!  But I digress…

I’ve recently spent quite some time creating chalkboard art to sell online and in my craft fair booths.  I design my art and transfer them on to the board using the methods I use for barnwood signs.  And then I whip out my secret weapon:

chalk hill house chalkboard art tutorial chalk pencil

Yes, that’s a chalk pencil!  How cool is that?  It’s official name is General’s White Charcoal Pencil. But I just call mine the General. You can find them in the drawing section of Hobby Lobby or any other craft and hobby shop.

The beauty of the General is that you can sharpen it for fine lines and details.

IMG_1457But did you know that wetting your chalk intensifies the color and helps the white reach small irregularities and indentations on your board?  It goes on thin, but brightens as it dries.chalk hill house chalkboard art silver serving tray wedding sign


Chalk hill house, chalkboard art, wedding sign chalk art

Chalk Hill House chalkboard sign wedding silver tray

I created these beauties for my niece’s wedding this past summer.  We found these silver trays and gilt frames in garage sales and on Craigs List, and turned them into chalkboards using Rustoleum’s Chalkboard Paint.

But lately, I’ve put the General to good use elsewhere…chalk hill house chalkboard art my interpretation of clean humorous sign

i used a Q-tip to shade and soften the leaves.chalk hill house chalk board art no soliciting thin mints

I got a lot of chuckles and comments from these boards.  And I’ve more ready to upload to my etsy story…when I find the time.

The only draw back to using the General is that he doesn’t like to completely erase.  Call him a control freak if you will.  You’ll have to paint over him if you tire of your art or make a mistake.  That’s no problem for me as I spray all my chalk board signs with a fixative to make them permanent.

I was not paid to endorse General Pencils, nor given any free samples, though that would be nice, wouldn't it?