Chalk Paint Can Make ANYTHING Pretty!

I was out pursuing my favorite hobby with my sister a few weeks ago.  Yes, we were garage sale-ing together.  I think she comes along more for friendship than the bargains.  But it’s so nice to have her company.

I’d talked her into coming along because there was a neighborhood garage sale advertised for a particularly plush subdivision.  And nothing makes my heart skip a beat like an ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD all banding together to sell me their wares at the same time.

My sister thought I had gone completely crackers when I picked up this scary creature:

IMG_1844I’d seen online that others were successfully using chalk paint on any surface, and I wanted to give it a try.

I mixed up my favorite recipe of home-made chalk paint.  (I use recipe #3 because I have all the ingredients at hand)  And then I got to work.  My first attempt went south when I started sanding–there were just far too many indentations and the old ugly was creeping out from beneath the pretty layers of paint.

So I mixed up another batch (because it had been a week or so, and chalk paint does NOT keep), and applied another coat or two.

Ceramic Chalk Paint Owl Chalk Hill House

(sorry it’s a little blurry there…)

I made sure to mix my paint well to avoid any clumps of unsanded grout that might need sanding off.  And I finished him off with a couple of layers of furniture wax.

But did the paint adhere well to that shiny ceramic surface?  Initially, not so well.  but with 2-3 weeks to cure, and the waxing, he’s a beauty!