Chalk Painted End Tables





Every room can use a little excitement, right?  Well, these little ladies will surely do the trick: a bright pop of color beside your bed, alongside your favorite chair, or ready to hold your books and bags beside the door.


Peacock Blue Chalk Painted End Table


The smallest is a distressed peacock blue.  She’ll fit snugly in a small apartment, or hold your morning cup of tea.  $35

Torquoise Chalk Painted End Table

This vintage green bi-layered table makes the perfect bedside table for a book-lover.  Just think of all the volumes you could stash away down there!  $45

Vintage Chalk Painted Bedside Table


Chalk Painted Tables


The third end table, an aged turquoise, was rather shy today in the photo shoot.  But there she is, at the top left of this picture.  $40