Art Deco Chalk Painted Kitchen Hutch

I’m rather partial to this little beauty.  So much so, that I think I should name her Lucy, or Ethel, or…  If you squint, surely you can see a piece of furniture just like this in the Ricardo’s Kitchen.  (For my international followers, and 20-somethings, I’m referring to the 1950’s TV sitcom, I Love Lucy)

art deco chalk painted hutch

I found her this weekend, in a dark corner of a local garage sale.  These sweet neighbors, both in their ‘golden years,’ were newlyweds.  They were selling off a lifetime of lovely furniture that wouldn’t fit into their new, “blended” home.  There were plenty of pieces I drooled over, but as paused to chat, most of my choices were snatched up.  Be proud of me–I didn’t claw anyone’s eyes out, or even throw a tantrum on the concrete.  I comforted myself with planning “Lucy’s” face lift…

art deco hutch


I took the paint-spill stain as inspiration for the exterior color, and left the interior color intact, matching it to the drawer and geometric design on the lower doors.

Mid-Century Chalk Painted Hutch


And I polled my Facebook friends about keeping the original hardware…and then ignored the majority advice to abandon it.  Who knows, maybe Lucy herself once used these pulls to open her hutch and place Vitameatavegamin bottles inside?

Mid-Century Painted Geometric Design

Let’s just take one more look at that geometric design, shall we?  I’m still pinching myself that it came out so well.


“Lucy” is for sale.  $300