Old Blue–A Vintage Chalk Painted Wooden Rocking Horse




I rescued this old fellow from a garage sale this summer.  He was sitting mournfully in a corner, trying to avert the attention of a Cheeto-smeared child and his fiendish older brother.  He’s withstood years of abuse on a patio somewhere, a scissor-wielding preschooler’s attempt at cosmetology, and the paint-spattering of exterior renovations.

vintage wooden rocking horse ready for chalk paint


Oh, the indignity of the beauty parlor!  But those lovely vintage locks of mane and tail had to be protected.vintage wooden rocking horse rag hair


And here he is–‘Old Blue’, ready again to ride off into the sunset into a new home.

chalk painted vintage wooden rocking horse


He’s irresistible, and he’s for sale.  $75


chalk painted aqua vintage wooden rocking horse toy