Tea Stain Revisited (Saga of the Bedspread, Finale)

You may remember my first attempt at tea-staining a garage-sale treasure: a summer-weight bedspread.


I had high hopes for my great find.  But a queen-sized bedspread is a bulky beast, and i wasn’t willing to risk permanently staining my bathtub to change its color.  I finally resorted to chemically bleaching the entire thing, and leaving it in the sunshine to further the process.

I was pleased with the new, even coloring. But the bed was vanilla-bland: a big blob of nothing.  It was certainly not what I had envisioned.

In further garage-sale adventures, I found two throw pillows that caught my eye:


They were stark white, but with great pleated details on each end. A little pilled, and generally in a rather worn state, I snatched them up for a total of $1 and plotted their restoration…with tea.


I ripped a seam or two and gave the covers a nice long steep in boiling tea (remembering to remove the tea bags this time!)


Then I ran them through the washer and dryer.  While they were still a little damp, I ironed them on the hottest setting.  This gave them a little scorching–the aged look I was after.  And it also took care of the fabric pills.



That’s a $9 make-over if you don’t count the cost of the tea!