A Flash of Beauty

High summertime in Texas can be brutal.  Plants wilt, insects abound, and ladies certainly do more than just glow…  It’s hard to endure until the cooling breezes of October bring blessed relief.

But each summer, just when it’s certain no living thing can stand against the sun’s harsh glower, the sage blooms.

It must be that God knows we need a splash of breathtaking beauty to get us through the sultry sauna.


I pushed the camera into a teenager’s hands as we drove through town in search of beauty.  And to his credit, he suppressed any eye-rolling, and happily snapped some great shots.


I love the one on the side of our home the best.  We almost ripped it out the first year we were here.  Sage is rather unremarkable 362 days of the year, and this one was ragged and sprawling.  But one of the boys trimmed it to a manageable conical shape.  And it is glorious in bloom:


Especially when viewed from the luxury of air conditioning.