Bedskirt Battles

I’m tired of battling with bedskirts.  They creep out of place like a defiant toddler reaching for a forbidden candy.  Here’s a couple of my favorite solutions:


I discovered these ingenious little pins at our local Hobby Lobby.  Their spiral design enables them to anchor fabrics in place–and isn’t that just what a defiant bedskirt needs?  You just twist them in until all that remains visible is the button.


In a pinch, big safety pins work well to constrain the wayward bed linen:


But my favorite method came to me while I was facing a completely different problem.  I couldn’t find a bedskirt long enough


Bed risers are a wonderful invention.  They provide more concealed  under-bed storage.  But what  we appreciate most is the grandeur added height lends to an ordinary mattress and box spring.  But back to the problem at hand: I needed my old bedskirt to grow 6 inches.  And then…inspiration struck.  I could easily sew my own from scraps I had stored away AND solve my creeping bedskirt issues…with VELCRO!


I abandoned the traditional design, and just hemmed and edged twice the length of fabric it would take to measure off the 3 perimeter edges of the mattress. (I measured how wide I needed the fabric by adding 5 inches to the ‘drop’ I desired to cover those ugly bed raisers and the legs of the bed.)


Then I positioned the fabric with pleats and corners, securing it with pins until I got the look I was after.  And then applied adhesive Velcro to the box spring and the fabric.  Perfect!  It doesn’t creep.  It’s the length I want in the color I need, and I can change it out for another very easily.


So long, bedskirt battles!