Treasure Box

I stumbled on this miniature chest of drawers the other day at a garage sale.


It reached far back into my little girl dreams and begged me to buy it.  As I child, I spent hours playing with working on my dolls.  Let me clarify.  I never so much played with them as crafted doll-sized furniture and clothes from scraps and junk.  It drove my mother BALMY. She detested the mess of the creative process (and perhaps I was not terribly fond of the clean-up)  This little chest was exactly what I’d always dreamed of storing those hand-made treasures in. (Except that it was dinged, dated, and dirty)

After a good scrubbing, this baby was thoroughly sanded to remove the paint-stroke texture from the previous decorations.


My menfolk found a way to remove the puny knobs that were merely glued in place. (three cheers for power tools!)


Then I began layering the paint:  First black, then a crackle medium for the drawers.


Thanks to a little chalk paint, some antiqued furniture wax, a little Old English furniture polish, and some magnificent knobs from Hobby Lobby (50% off this week , friends!!!) it’s now a treasure box fit for some happy little girl somewhere. Maybe even a grown girl.



I’m setting it aside for my booth at Antique Alley this fall.  Unless someone happens to want to buy it sooner…