My Favorite

I’m ecstatic!  I (the girl who was told in elementary school that she’d never get a job because her handwriting was so bad) lettered one of those trendy wall art signs.  And it doesn’t look like I was having an epileptic fit while I was doing it!!!!

I’ve been yearning to pull this sort of thing off for years.  I’ve attempted stenciling,  reverse stenciling, free-hand (!), cross stitch, stamping…  And I’ve failed more times than I can count.  My hand is just not steady enough, or maybe I’m just too nervous.  Or maybe my teacher was right.

Until today!


I have a few secret weapons:


This is not your average permanent marker.  This is THE MOTHER OF ALL PERMANENT MARKERS!  She writes on any surface (chalk paint, glaze, oil, moisture). She’s permanently permanent (no fading). And best of all, she’s not a paint brush!!!!  That chisel tip can make even my writing look like something that sprang from the pages of a Zaner Bloser 1st grade textbook.


Secret Weapon #2:  Transfer Paper.  Yes, I cheat.  I used Windows Publisher to put together my fonts and sizes, centering, and outlining.  Publisher has better handwriting than I do…


Here’s my computer generated ‘art’, taped to my board, with the transfer paper slipped in behind.  All I had to do was trace it.  Just like elementary school!


And then color it in of course.  I’ve never been very good at making the markers look good.  When I got to this part, I rather panicked, thinking the stripes from my uneven coloring would spoil the effect.


But never fear…Mr. Sanding Block was near.  I’m so glad distressed is all the rage.


I smeared on some Old English furniture polish to make it look a little dirty and worn, and then sealed the whole thing with furniture wax.  And then I gave it away before I could get a good picture of it.  Just trust me.  My elementary school teacher is turning over in his grave. I proved him wrong!